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Name:Cerealia Meme Comm
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You're here now to turn everything back to how it was—how it should be. Recreating your world is priority number one, and CERES can help. Suddenly stuck in a colony that is a fantastical mix of endless entertainments and mysteries, there’s only one more warning to give: don’t forget where you've come from—and what you've set out to do.
CEREALIA is a pan-fandom, plot-heavy game in a sci-fi/digital fantasy setting. An alien race has managed to pass through the barriers between universes and has consumed a number of worlds, including yours. Characters are digitally manifested into a world where their very existence can help prevent calamities. In the meantime, they can live in comfort and luxury. But there is more lurking beneath the surface, and complacency could be the most dangerous threat of all.
ENDGAME 11/23/16
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