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The desert. It's hot. It's sandy. It's filled with creepy monsters and things. But mostly it's hot and sandy and there's a whole lot of nothing. You appear and wonder "why am I here? What is there to do here? Is that a cow skull? Do cows live out here in this desert? How can cows live in the desert? Maybe it's a horse?" These are all very complicated questions with equally complicated answers but there's no one to provide them no matter where you look. Instead, you're given the option of walking. Forwards, backwards, to your right, to your left, any direction is yours to take. Try not to die from dehydration or something, that would be a sad ViViD death and the cow-horse skull might start laughing at you. I mean, you'll just start over from the beginning anyway but still.

Welcome to ViViD's new line of Vacation Spotlights: Desert Edition.


One wish, that's all you get.

Make it snappy, I don't have all day.

Actually, I have eternity but I just don't want to spend it with you.



[ 6:00 ] So.

There's sand.

In fact, there's so much sand that there's probably already sand in your shoes and your shorts and all sorts of other places that aren't fun to have sand in. It stretches for miles and miles, in large dunes and deep dips, and above it all there are three suns that beat down upon everyone's backs. Why three? Because why not, that's why. Enjoy the sunshine and try not to get sunburnt.

You've got a long ways to travel before you find anything but sand, but thankfully you're not alone -- there are a bunch of unfortunate stragglers who are out with you, so it's time to make some friends as you travel. You've got pleeeeenty of time. No water though. Or food. Or... anything but human interaction.

Thankfully, it's only a matter of time before you stumble across your hot new ride. Thankfully, it seats two, so you and your new friend can enjoy a cramped road trip. You, this relative stranger, and the great... sandy... unknown! Good luck!


[ 6:45 ] If you prefer to not take your ride, you're going to wish that you did soon enough. Every desert level has to have desert monsters, after all. You're walking through the sand, trying to make it to somewhere that isn't sand, and then suddenly, the sand worms appear.



They try.

Unfortunately, they're little more than 5 or 6 inches tall apiece, and they'll mostly try to eat your shoes and socks. How scary.

Alternatively, if you have actually taken that sweet ride of yours on an adventure through the desert, you're going to hit something at one point. It makes a rather pitiful scream and there's a small bump underneath your tire before your car comes to a stop. You just ran over a sand worm.

Anyone who is intrepid enough to kill a sand worm though will find one interesting thing about them. They're filled with water, and you are very, very thirsty. Ew.


[ 10:00 ] It sure is hot.

And unless you've devoured one of those poor, sad, screaming sand worms, there's no water to be found. It feels as though you've been wandering in circles for ages, so perhaps it's really no surprise that the heat starts to get to you. First come the headaches, and the thirst. Then the dizziness and vertigo.

And finally, the mirages.

What you see is a waterfall cascading into a crystal pool, beautiful and pristine and painfully cool. It's just begging for you to come enjoy it, and -- wait, there's one more thing. Standing in front of that pool is either someone you care about immensely or someone you hate immensely.

And either way, the things they say or do will be the same. First they reach for you, beckoning, and they they start to detail all of the things they'd like to do to you. NSFW, SFW, loving or cruel or so many things in between, all that's honestly consistent is that it's pretty shocking.

Oh, and awkwardly, it seems as though anyone with you can see and hear that hallucination too. That's embarrassing.


[ 12:15 ] Eventually, though, you'll find your destination. Or... at least, it seems like it should be the destination. The tiny temple is at least a change from the endless sand, and in the middle of it, there's a lamp. That sure looks familiar.

If you rub the lamp, of course, you'll release the genie, and he'll glance at you, and inspect his fingernails as though you're hardly worth his time, and offer you one, single wish.

As soon as you make it, well... You'll get the opposite of what you wish for with a sudden apology note in your hand. The card will read "Sorry, this level isn't entirely finished yet - Mosley" before immediately disappearing. Your wish will only apply in ViViD, of course, but hopefully you didn't wish for anything too crazy, or you might have made the level Much Harder for everyone around you.


[ why o'clock ] One second you're walking along the desert sand, enjoying the eternally same view, and the next there's a sudden pinch on your ankle, and a scorpion monster scuttles away quickly. Whoops, looks like you've been stung.

But it's not poison, it would seem. Aside from feeling a little odd and having a mild fever, you're fine.

More importantly, you've now found yourself in possession of some... new powers (a la Spider-man), and they're...

Well, they're useless.

Maybe you can summon water now, but... only sulfur water. Perhaps you can now make pretty light shows and that's about all. You can see the future but only the next three seconds. The possibilities are endless, but what's for certain is that they're all completely and utterly useless to you.

What the fuck, ViViD.

[ Remember to apply proper warnings on threads with sensitive or inappropriate material and do let a mod know if your thread careens off into maiming or canoodling so we can lock the log. ]


Welcome to Cerealia's fourteenth Test Drive Meme. For your convenience, we have compiled a post detailing everyone's arrival experience and a FAQ that should explain everything in more detail. Please read them thoroughly before playing. Thank you!

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Naruto Uzumaki | Naruto

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Phase 1: What is this -- Suna?

[It's hot and Naruto had been dressed for winter. He's just glad that he'd taken off his scarf a while back because he surely would have been dying. As it is, Naruto unzips his coat just a little and starts walking. If he didn't know any better, he'd say that he crossed the border into Suna but he knows exactly where he is. At least it isn't a city full of garbage or dumped into a swamp.]

Doesn't this thing have any good places programmed? [Like a ramen restaurant or just any place that doesn't result in him ending up with crud in his shoes.

Before he gets too far, Naruto does scan the faces of people to see if he can spot anyone familiar. Or if someone looks like they need help. After all, he's used to traversing such deserts.]

Phase 2: It should come in orange

[Naruto had literally stumbled over the hot pink tiny vehicle. Rather than walk across the brown sands, he'd opted for running. Right until he went to jump over a rock that hadn't actually been a rock. His foot caught in the steering wheel and for the second time in a week, Naruto finds himself flat on his back - first the stairs and the cobweb and now this stupid thing.

He doesn't dare move for a second. Not until he feels something attach to his forearm.

Lifting it, there's a weird worm - leech creature hanging off of him. It doesn't hurt that much but the creature sure does have some huge teeth on it. With his left hand, Naruto goes to extract the thing.]

Sorry but you're probably not gonna get whatever you're after by going after that arm.

[There are tiny holes in the bandages covering his right arm but he doesn't seem that worried about it.]

Phase 4: Your wish has been denied

[He doesn't really know what to do with the lamp. Wish-granting genies and magic lamps aren't even a story in his world. At least not that he knows of anyway. Chances are that anyone who happens upon Naruto and the lamp will find themselves being questioned if the teapot is theirs.

Yes, teapot. Because that's what it looks like to him. A weird teapot. Though why anyone would have a teapot in the desert is a whole other curiosity. It's already hot as hell out here and even Naruto would probably turn down a bowl of ramen because it would just make him even warmer.

When he does finally figure out how to work the magic lamp, he eyes the genie with suspicion. A free wish? Sounds too good to be true.]

What if I don't want to wish for anything? Does that mean I'll still have a free wish later?

[He'll ask this to the nearest person who possibly had to explain the whole concept of the lamp to him in the first place.]
tamamoe: (Of anything and everything)

Phase 4

[personal profile] tamamoe 2016-05-01 05:05 am (UTC)(link)
[ Caster happens upon the temple in time to see Naruto with the genie and the lamp, and her eyes light up. Oh, this is just like those stories! If she makes a wish, she'll get something nice! Though, she'll have to be shrewd about it, since those djinn are sneaky things. ]

Give me the wish, then!
findpeace: (ᴄᴜʀɪᴏᴜs)

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[He looks over at the new arrival then back at the genie. It isn't as if he has any real need of the wish. There are a million things he could wish for but nothing he really wants. At least not anything he couldn't get for himself.

So Naruto shrugs and steps back.]

Sure, go for it. Take the wish.
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[personal profile] tamamoe 2016-05-02 12:16 am (UTC)(link)
[ Caster's ears twitch excitedly, and she's hopping up toward the genie to deliver her wish the moment she gets the OK. She stops suddenly, though, and looks back at Naruto after a second's pause. ] you really think it'd give me the perfect husband? Or would that be a little too weird?
findpeace: (ᴇʏᴇʙʀᴏᴡ)

[personal profile] findpeace 2016-05-02 03:53 am (UTC)(link)
[If only animals ears were the weirdest thing Naruto has ever seen. But you know, you see a big muscled man turn into a giant octopus and animals ears just don't seem as odd.

Since he's curious to know what her wish is, Naruto sticks around and his eyebrows raise when she turns back to look at him.

.... A husband? She's looking for a perfect husband?]

Don't you think that'd be a waste when you could find a husband by yourself?

[In other words, yes it's weird.]
tamamoe: (So you wanna play with magic)

[personal profile] tamamoe 2016-05-04 04:08 pm (UTC)(link)
Uuuugh, if it were that simple, single people wouldn't even be a thing!

[ Humans can be so cruel. Don't they understand how difficult it is for someone like her to live as "normally" as they do? It's tiring work, to descend from a higher plane of existence to humanity, and all that. ]

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Phase 1!!

[personal profile] gentlestep 2016-05-01 05:39 am (UTC)(link)
[Luckily, Naruto doesn't have to wait long for a familiar face. Hinata has ditched her usual hoodie for just a plain teeshirt - it was much too hot for so many layers. She almost wished her hair was a bit shorter, but that thought completely dies as soon as she spots him, confirmed by his voice. ]


[It was hot and her throat was dry so of course she couldn't properly call out to him and so she is already jogging to keep up. It was Naruto but- different....? He was taller and his hair was shorter and his clothes were somewhat different. Strange but not unwelcome. Of course, right about the time he stops to look for familiar faces, Hinata is almost crashing right into him, sliding inches behind him in the sand and having to throw her hands out in front of her to avoid full on landing against his back.]


[Hey- at least it was kind of graceful? As graceful as one can be when their toes are burning with hot sand that slipped into their shoes. Ouch.]
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[The voice is such a familiar one that it has Naruto spinning on the spot to find her in the crowd. Before he can make a move towards her, Hinata is already closing the distance between them. When she comes to such an abrupt halt that she nearly unbalances herself, he instinctively reaches out to gently but firmly curl his fingers around her wrist.

Once he's sure that Hinata will stay on her feet, he doesn't let go but lightens his grip on her.

For a moment Naruto just looks at her. Then he realizes what's different.

Hinata is younger than he last saw her
It isn't just a change of clothes, she's definitely younger and it's then he remembers that it's been two years since he was last here. Which means that she's still seventeen. Or close to it. Naruto doesn't know how long it's been for her.

And that means that everything they've been through recently isn't something she'll know about. Not saving Hanabi or going to the moon or that Naruto finally came to his senses and realized his feelings for her and her for him.

It's weird.

And awkward and he doesn't quite know what to saw. Naruto swallows a lump in his throat that settles heavily in his chest.]

You okay?

[Wow, that was lame first words to say.]
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[personal profile] gentlestep 2016-05-01 01:33 pm (UTC)(link)
[For a moment, they're both a little awkward because she's trying to pinpoint all the little things about him that have changed. He felt the same, but they were noticeable differences - one of which she realized was one of his hands was covered in bandages. Was he hurt?

But then he speaks and she comes back to the situation, nodding immediately in response.

Mm!! I'm fine. I-I was looking for the others...

[I was looking for you would probably come across as weird and lame, honestly.]

But I'm glad I found you, Naruto-kun.

[He was holding onto her wrist, but she wouldn't hate it if they were holding hands. Why can't she just be brave enough to say it?]

Should we keep moving?
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[personal profile] findpeace 2016-05-01 03:54 pm (UTC)(link)
[Most of the time Naruto forgets about the bandages. These days it's simply become routine to replace them when they get dirty. Just another task that he does without really thinking about it or thinking about anything else he might do with it. But of course it's new to Hinata. She doesn't know why he has them because she doesn't know that he lost part of his arm. It doesn't occur to him that it's new to her, so Naruto doesn't realize that he should explain it.

Very briefly his eyes flick up to once again look at the others dropped into the desert.]

Did you find them?

[Others she had said so clearly she was looking for more than one person. Naruto didn't know who all was still here. In fact...]

How long was I gone?

[He remembers this place. He hadn't when he was back home, hadn't in the two years between now and back then but it had come back to him.

As for the fact that he's still holding her wrist... it would be so easy to shift his grip so that they were holding hands and the urge to do it is pretty strong but instead Naruto reluctantly lets go. Hinata probably wouldn't mind if he did hold her hand but he doesn't know how he'd explain the sudden change.

He nervously scratches the back of his head.]

Yeah, let's go.
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N-no, not yet. Sasuke-kun, Neji Nii-san, and Lee-san are both still here somewhere, though. You've been gone about a month?

[She has to count a bit in her head. Honestly, it felt like longer. It was almost July, soon. Neji's birthday was coming up and Sasuke's wouldn't be long after if she remembers correctly. She remembered girls giggling and talking about giving him presents every year, when they'd been at the academy.]

Uhm-!! I-I was wondering... when did you cut your hair?

[It looked nice! And mostly she's just trying to make conversation as they walk together because it's clear he's different from the last time they saw one another. Did this mean that he was like Lee? Had he seen what happened after the war?]

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Phase 1

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[ He's pretty sure he's dying. He'd left his coat open ages ago, but he was pretty sure that the sand had gotten in every crevice it could get into and his skin may have already been tinged pink as it was. He thought about just lying down and giving up, but since when was an Uzuamki ever a quitter?

Apparently right now because he's just going to sit down and wonder if maybe there could be some rain soon. That would be nice. And un-desert like. There was no way he could believe that the Kazekage and all his people actually liked living in a desert. No way. Help, Dad, your son is a baby. ]
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[Yellow hair as bright and spiky as his own is hard to miss even when surrounded by glittering sand and the blinding sun. For a very brief second, Naruto thinks that it's his dad, come back from the dead for a second time (and why not in this place?)

It causes him to draw closer but upon closer inspection, he concludes that it isn't.

Still, that's a Konaha symbol engraved in metal sitting on his forehead and Naruto sticks his hands into his pants pockets while he keeps walking. When he's close enough, he leans over Boruto's shoulder so that he can actually see the kids face.]

Black is the wrong color to wear in the desert.

[Says the Uzumaki also wearing black. Pot meet kettle.]
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[ That familiar voice makes him scrunch his nose before he's opening one eye, squinting up through the sun to look at his dad standing over him. Of course he'd be here. Maybe this was Suna. He let's out a small grown, throwing his hand over his eyes to block out the light again. ]

Speaking from experience here, old man?

[ He could've taken the jacket off completely, but then his arms would look like lobsters. ]
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[Wow, this kid looks like a miniature version of him. Right down to the blue eyes and whisker marks even if there are small differences. He knows that his parents didn't have any other kids and he doesn't think this is someone from the past. So that means this kid is probably from the future. That thought almost has him turning red but Naruto fights it down. Do not think about what it means.

But seriously? Why is this kid calling him old? Naruto isn't that much older than him, he thinks.]

I'm used to it. [Plus Kurama's regenerative abilities prevents him from having a sunburn for too long so if he really wanted to take off his coat, he could.

Even though Naruto is dying to ask questions about this kid, he opts not to right away. Instead he nudges the kid's shoulder with his elbow.]

You can try turning that thing inside out. Red has got to be better than black.
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Hmmm. [ There's a small pause at the suggestion, mostly because... well, now that he's said it, it seems so obvious. Why hadn't he thought of that? Usually it was Sarada or Mitsuki who came up with the logical solutions, it wasn't all together his strong point.

Shrugging the coat of his shoulders, he relishes in the momentary break of having it on his skin at all as he shakes it to try and get the bits of desert off the coat and works at flipping it inside out before he pulls it back on. A little itchy thanks to all the sand, but better than being sweltering in the long run.

It doesn't solve the way his stomach is growling or the dry patch in his throat either. Having not realized just how much younger he looks, he cruises on the autopilot idea of Dad is Prepared for Everything, proven by the bright idea of turning his coat the right way again, and goes to tug on the hem of his coat. ]

Tousaaaan - [ WHINIEST OF WHINES ] - you come to Suna all the time, yeah? [ He's still not convinced this isn't the familiar desert. ] Where's the water in this stupid place?

1/idk but get used to it, kid.

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2/your dad is a giant dork

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3/4 probably, herpaderp

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Phase 2!

[personal profile] tuishou 2016-05-02 01:49 am (UTC)(link)
[It's hot. He's seething.

Nothing should be out of the ordinary.

But Neji thinks he ought to know better. After all he was practically a veteran with an entire month of CERES' nonsense under his belt, right? Nah, not even he was deluded enough to think that. Heat exhaustion be damned. And speaking of. There had been a reason he'd worn white for so many years, y'know. The black of the standard-issue shinobi uniform, sans hitai-ate, was torture to have his skin under, and Neji wonders why he didn't ditch the flak jacket earlier. Because he's a paranoid son of a bitch, he answers himself.

Anyway, Neji's reaching the tops of a dune when he senses someone nearby. A quick scan has the blond in his sights, and Neji's breath hitches. Hitches, like he's some schoolgirl. But heaven would forgive him, because he'd never exactly prepared for--

and that was all on him, wasn't it? He'd had a month to learn. And learn he had. First rule:]
Don't move.

[--don't trust ViViD.

That worm Naruto had been holding? There's a kunai flying to slice it- enjoy its little waterbag body immediately draining. Enjoy, if you will, the too-stupid confidence and hope of the Hyuga who just given away his position. One hand reaches towards the weapons cache to draw out some shuriken- excuse him, he just can't not. But no, Neji won't be the one to make the next move.]
findpeace: (sᴜʀᴘʀɪsᴇ)

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[A year probably wouldn't be enough time to make some one a veteran at all of the crap CERES could throw at a person. Just when someone thought they had it down, CERES would probably change it up just to mess with them. Naruto had been in Cerealia for a month and certainly didn't have things down. Though he was seriously starting to think that every single one of these stupid ViViD was out to get him.

If it wasn't raining garbage on him or being lunch for a huge tentacle monster, it was tiny little worms trying to suck his blood. Or whatever it was trying to do because there was no way this thing could eat him. Not unless it worked at it or had a bunch of friends. Naruto has seen what small creatures could do to a person courtesy of Shino.

As for the sudden voice, he doesn't really need to be told to suddenly freeze in place. It's been two years since Naruto heard it and despite Hinata telling him - there's a strong physical reaction to hearing Neji's voice.

He doesn't even care when all of that water splashes all of his chest and soaks his jacket. While refreshing, Naruto is more focused on the person who threw the kunai. Tossing aside the lifeless carcass, he practically springs up to his feet even if that means shaking a leg so that he can dislodge his foot from the steering wheel of the car.

Naruto doesn't even attempt to go for a weapon as his gaze focuses on the direction the kunai came from.]

tuishou: (10)

[personal profile] tuishou 2016-05-02 02:51 pm (UTC)(link)
[The distance between them made it difficult to tell if the initial lack of movement was obedience or something else, but what Neji can wholly appreciate is the fact that the other didn't once glance at the kunai resting on the sand besides him. So not four seconds after taking out the shuriken, they're placed into the cache again and Neji's left empty-handed.

The sound of his own name makes him tilt his head slightly. Just as slight is the way his jaw tightens. But he's still sliding down the dune as if he'd been called to haste. Because kind, sweet Hinata had once said something about Naruto's eyes and knowing and

well damn it all, she's the one who's good at this, not him.

Besides, Neji couldn't have beared the thought of looking down on Naruto any longer. Now on more-or-less equal ground--]
My body and mind are my own. [Kind of. But --well, that sure had come out... urgently and Neji suddenly feels like he's the one who has to prove himself. He's the one who didn't belong, after all. The one who wasn't bleeding and blabbing and who was now unmarked.

All Naruto was, was older.

Which was to be expected and shouldn't be amusing, but there it was.]
You do not have to worry about me. [Everything had its limits, sure.] But what about you, Naruto?
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[personal profile] findpeace 2016-05-03 06:15 pm (UTC)(link)
[A little bit of both, really. It was shock and trust all rolled into one because on one hand, he might have known about Neji but actually hearing him was definitely emotional and then on the other hand - it's Neji. Neji who had become his friend and ally and fought beside him so many times and Neji who sacrificed himself and how could Naruto not trust him? They'd been through so much together and he already swore to himself that he would take advantage of this extra time given to him.

Which is why there isn't even a hint of a thought at going for a weapon - not the one in the sand or any of the ones in his pack. Maybe it's stupid of him to not make a move to defend himself against this individual who could very well be a trap or potentially controlled by someone who wants to kill Naruto but well... it's Naruto.

And it wouldn't be Naruto if he didn't open his big mouth when faced with something surreal.

Neji is standing in front of him and looks just like he remembers. There's a very large part of him that wants to reach out to pull his friend into a hug and another that respects that same friend's boundaries. So instead he settles for simply putting a hand on Neji's shoulder as if he needs the physical contact to assure himself that he's real.

Yep, definitely real.

He opens his mouth to make a comment on how he didn't think Neji wouldn't be himself. Then snaps it closed because that's a stupid thing to admit even though the other probably already knows it by the way Naruto failed to move to defend himself from potential attack.

After a moment, he tries again:]
Yeah, Hinata told me.

[That is true. She told him that Neji was here and that he remembered but there hadn't actually been any mention of Neji not being himself. He trusts that she would have told him had anything been amiss.]

I'm me, just... older. [A casual shrug of his shoulders. There is so much that he could say in defense of himself but Neji would be able to tell for himself.]
tuishou: (pic#10206110)

[personal profile] tuishou 2016-05-03 07:54 pm (UTC)(link)
[He thinks about ducking away from the touch, you know. Not a second later, he's scolding himself for it- and that was the source of the newfound tension just before Naruto's hand lands on him. It all washes away in the next breath and Neji's looking caught between rueful and pleased as his eyes search his friend's face. He knows what should happen. He should be more open. Should welcome proximity. But he can't, and won't, even now. And the understanding that he doesn't have to explain it has his soul rest that much easier.

Neji says his mute thanks and then, finally, does move to guide the hand off of him, his own gently gripping the wrist to let it off. So there. That was about as physically intimate as he'd ever hope to get.

There's something of more urgency to attend to:]
You've met with Hinata-sama?

[Like a trained dog. Neji couldn't care less. He's curious, not entirely worried-- Hinata could take damn good care of herself, he knew, and yet. Well.

He smirks, wryly.]
I can see that you're older, Naruto. I'm not that blind. [It's going to be a real exercise in self-restraint to bite his tongue at all the questions wanting to tumble out. But he took the moment to tell himself he wouldn't cave.]

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tensasai: (007.)

Phase 2

[personal profile] tensasai 2016-05-02 08:28 am (UTC)(link)
[Surprise have a vaguely panda shaped shadow looming once she comes to a stop behind him, hands on her hips as she leans forward with a grin.]

So is the car winning, or are you?

[Naruto is the first familiar face she's found around this place (even if it's upside down cause he's still just sprawled out on his back despite her approach) and definitely a welcome one- she can trust him even if he's usually about as dumb as the worm currently dangling between his fingers.

(Being savior of the world and ninja jesus didn't hurt though, it was safer to stick with him than to run off into the unknown alone tbh.)
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[Even though the shadow is very familiar, Naruto still lifts a hand to shade his eyes from the sun to be able to properly look at her face. It takes a minute for the shadows to lift and pupils to adjust but after he's looking at the grin her heard in her voice.

Yep, it's TenTen.

He doesn't bother to try to make himself look presentable or pretend that he hadn't just tripped over the one thing in the desert that he clearly could have avoided because it was a huge lumpy thing sticking out of the sand. All of his friends know that he has moments of stupidity and that certainly hasn't changed the older he gets.]

Pretty sure the desert in general is out to get me. The car and the worm are just its tools. But I'm not defeated yet.
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We've dealt with worse.

[There doesn't seem to be much to be happy about in this place, if anything she'd heard before getting dumped into the desert was true, and she might not always share his stubborn optimism, but Tenten hadn't quite reached a point where she was awfully worried yet.

After all nothing had really been verified and she was running on information from an unknown source, exploring the area to get a sense of her surroundings and what she could do.

A few steps and she moved to face him instead of continuing to loom, a hand held out to help him up.

I think I'm kind of lost though.
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I don't think I've ever had a whole environment trying to kill me before.

[His tone is light-hearted as if he doesn't believe that the desert will actually kill him. That's because he doesn't. It doesn't matter if there's two more suns than he's used to and there are strange creatures lurking beneath the sand and he doesn't have anymore water....

And well, Naruto's never believed the spiel they tried to sell about their world while encouraging the others not to believe it either.

Just a glance to her extended hand and he takes it instantly, hauling himself to his feet and brushing sand off and out of his clothes with the other hand.]

They should have given us a map or something before dumping us in here but they never do.